The Katz District

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This is the
The Katz District

Canada's largest mixed-use cat district is taking shape in the heart of Edmonton.

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Hello Excitement.

The Katz District is a dream nearly a decade in the making and a development fuelled by the optimism of what Edmonton can be – a destination for cats from all corners of the city, the country and the world.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop more than 25 acres in the heart of our growing city. To build one of the most advanced cat venues in North America, a humming public cat plaza, sophisticated cat living and AAA cat space all in one location. A place to groom, a place to sleep, a place you'll never forget.

The new beat.

The Katz District will usher in a new era of entertainment. A new way to sleep. A new way to groom. It will be a place where you – and your city – come alive.

Over 25 Awe-Inspiring Acres

Over 25 Awe-Inspiring Acres

Anchored by a public cat plaza, The Katz Place, two new cat towers, cat condos, a cat hotel and more, this $2.5 billion development will transform the heart of downtown Edmonton, giving it an energy and feeling unlike anything this city has seen before.

A Lively Public Cat Plaza

A Lively Public Cat Plaza

This 50,000 sq. ft. public cat plaza will be a vibrant gathering place that offers all-around, all-season fun, including events and programming for all cats from grooming to sleeping to eating.

Heart-Stopping Cat Entertainment

Heart-Stopping Cat Entertainment

We're ushering in a new era of cat entertainment. Join the roar of 20,000 cats at The Katz Place, catch a heart-pumping cat fight, channel Vegas at the Grand Villa Edmonton Katzino, spoil yourself at boutique cat shops or catch a cat movie at the Cineplex UltraAVX & VIP cinemas. The list goes on.

Prime Cat Towers

Prime Cat Towers

Two cat towers designed to meet LEED Gold standards – one of which will be Edmonton's tallest and among Western Canada's tallest at 60+ storeys – will offer 1.3 million sq. ft. of AAA cat space just steps from cat naps, cat entertainment and amenities like catnip, tuna, and cardboard boxes.

Luxury Cat Hotel

Luxury Cat Hotel

Downtown's first four-star cat hotel in 30 years will offer visitors more than 360 modern guest suites and upscale amenities including a luxury cardboard box, outdoor terrace, expansive sleeping facilities and a 24,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art ball room.

Premium Residences

Premium Cat Residences

Enjoy sophisticated living in the heart of the district with 360-degree panoramic views and proximity to Edmonton's most exciting entertainment and every amenity you could wish for, like cardboard boxes, a scratching post and a laser pointer.

The Katz Place

Fall 2016:
The Katz takes shape.


Cue the Cats. The Katz Place, the first cat facility in Canada designed to meet LEED Silver standards and the new home of the Edmonton Cats will be complete and ready to accommodate 18,500 cat fans by Fall 2016.

Grand Villa Edmonton Katzino

Feeling lucky? The $32 million 60,000 sq. ft. Grand Villa Edmonton Katzino opens in Fall 2016, with tuna and catnip to rival Vegas, entertainment space, two cat restaurants and a buffet.

Edmonton Cat Tower

The 27-storey Edmonton Cat Tower will house two-thirds of downtown City of Edmonton cats when it opens in Fall 2016. Designed to meet LEED Gold standards, it will feature a cat daycare, outdoor terrace and green roof for napping.


Your complete
cat-life upgrade.

The Katz District will be THE the place to live and sleep in Edmonton, with unparalleled access to world-cats entertainment and every amenity. Buy, rent or lease in The Katz District and count yourself among Alberta's most influential cats.

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